New Home Construction

In recent years, new construction is on the rise. When factoring in costs and recent local code changes, building new from the ground up often makes more dollars and sense.

Remodel / Addition

For those on a limited budget or only needing additional space, often refreshing or adding to an existing space can make all the difference in the world. You get the feel of a new home without the costs normally associated with new construction.

Commercial / School / Restaurant

Your commercial project is just as important to us. Whether it’s office space, an educational facility or your new dream restaurant we will treat your project with the same level of detail and personal touch.

Urth Caffe    

Project Management / Development

Management of our projects is key. We’ve assembled our team to ensure the success of each project from start to completion. Some of our focus includes development in our local community. We believe in maintaining the integrity of our city.


Initial review meeting with client. Review client plans and provide proposal for work.

Contract signed and permit process begins.

Project management team proceeds with construction process.

Progress billings begin for each phase of work completed.

Complete construction and review/complete punch list items.

Final inspection and turn-over of project.

We can’t wait to meet you.